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The Bal Masque de L’Opéra is a formal event--the gala opening of the Opera’s season. We request that each guest follow the attire guide below or we may turn you away at the door. There are separate expectations for male and female roles; once you have purchased a ticket, you will have the opportunity to select the gender you’d prefer to perform for the evening.

Female characters should arrive in formal attire, which includes evening gowns. You will be walking for a substantial portion of the evening, so comfortable footwear is highly encouraged. And, because the Théâtre National de l’Opéra is an historic building, please refrain from wearing stilettos or other shoes that may damage the floors.


For the guests attending as a male character, a suit or a tuxedo is a must. Regardless of your character’s social status, the Bal Masque is a night where everyone passes as the haute monde--costumes should convey sophistication and elegance in the extreme.


Masks will be provided, but you may also wear your own (provided that it is appropriate).

Come in Costume

"One night each year, all Paris mingled, forgetful of caste—the merry, mad Bal Masque de l’Opera."

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